A classic question about the profession. 

By education, I am a lawyer - I have completed a Masters in Law. I started but stopped my undergraduate business studies.
After several years in these industries, I realized that I am bound by something else - I have always been good at motivating people, getting better, and finding my way to self-improvement. To pay attention to yourself - body and spirit.

I enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle and do it from the heart. But in order to share it and reach out to others, I entered a coaching school several years ago and took a C category coaching course. In additional seminars, I have been to Crossfit Level 1 in Belgium and Poland and got a Functional Trainer Certificate here. I am constantly educated here in Latvia, for example, attending a seminar on gymnastics during pregnancy and postpartum.

However, not all of this gave me experience, for it is just a theory. I have gained the most experience working with people who come because they want to improve their quality of life. Working with people who want to become healthier, but don't know where to start, who ultimately want to be beautiful and confident. Every time I go through their phase of change, I learn too.

I've always liked working with women because I see that it helps a lot - a woman opens and re-sees herself after a #veselalaimīga (#healthyhappy) project. And for me, seeing it from the outside, it is huge pride that we were able to achieve it together.
But there is always a family with women. Both husband and children become more active. Therefore, lately, this is no longer just a story about women.

To listen, support and say a firm word is now my job. This is how the PROJECT with philosophy was created - motivate the mind and the body will follow!