THE NFIT PROJECT has already been completed by 16 groups - about 1500 women have lost around 8 000 kg.

Alongside group projects, I also offer individual NFIT corporate projects where all or part of the company staff can participate in defined tasks.

THE NFIT PROJECT is a 12-week self-study phase. Together with me and the other participants, we go through different cycles and processes to make the body more active, healthier and beautiful. Combining experience with thousands of clients and the most recognized healthy lifestyle methods, the project has multiple cycles with dietary guidelines and a workout plan. You can participate remotely or face-to-face - both have the same program and continuous communication with me, Nika Linde, online.

- to change daily and long-term eating habits;
- to understand the ongoing processes in our organism;
- to become more active;
- to improve health;
- to become more attractive;

- no need to weigh food and count calories;
- sweets are not prohibited;
- no need to starve;
- no substitutes for food;

The main idea behind the project is to make your everyday life healthy, introduce it to the family and realize, that it is not a short term slimming project.

If it is necessary to reduce the volume of the body, it should be done in such a way, that it does not affect the hormonal system or the post-project phase. And most importantly - a healthy daily routine hereafter, and not just for 12 weeks.

By combining participation in the project with everyday life - family, work, you will create a healthier environment around you. You will teach your relatives, friends, to eat healthier, so that they are less ill and more active. As a result, you won't have to cook each individual meal, because you'll be healthy altogether.

Project participants often use the #veselalaimiga (#healthyhappy) in their social networks to motivate and show, that it is not that difficult and you can get ideas.

I do little cooking myself, so there is no mandatory recipe in the project. There is a list of allowed and banned products, and everyone does what they want with these products and adjusts them to their daily capabilities.

THE NFIT PROJECT  also works remotely. It will provide you with exercises, morning activities, workouts and eating conditions at various stages. Communication takes place in Whatsapp groups.

ANSWERS to frequently asked questions.
1. There is a limited number of participants, always and for all projects, both remotely and in-person, as it is personal communication with participants - it must be controlled to be of high quality.
2. Applications are limited to a specific time period, which I always post in advance to my Instagram account @nika__linde. Experience shows, that the group usually completes within 12 hours of the application announcement.
3. To apply, you need to be ready to work full-time for 12 weeks, instead of thinking: "I'll try and then see," because there could be someone in your place who is really ready.
4. The project is not intended to gain weight and is not intended for vegetarians and vegans (those are already strict diets and supplement them with more restrictions is not desirable).
5. There are no restrictions for new mothers. But it has to be understood that it will be an extra workload and time management. And most of the time something goes wrong, but are you ready for it?
6. However, it is not advisable to start new activities during pregnancy, especially in the early stages.
7. Yes, I am firm in my position, but otherwise, it would not work. Therefore, you will have to accept me with strictness, but with a smile and plenty of humor ☝️😉

The flow of information you can follow:

✔️Videos are available on my YouTube account and also on the Instagram IGTV section.

✔️I always try to convey various information on topical health issues.

✔️The various healthy products I share and make STORY's of, they can help you stay a little healthier by choosing snacks.

✔️In competitions, I try to make you a little more active.